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Community Manager

New Alfresco Community Site

Thank you for being a member of the Alfresco community! Your participation in our discussion forum, supporting your fellow customers, partners, prospects and open source users, is invaluable.


We are modernizing our forum experience for all community users by migrating to a new platform with an improved user experience, new features and better search. We expect to launch the new forum in September 2019.


When the new forum launches, you will need to reset your password. For obvious reasons we won’t be able to migrate passwords.


Why we are moving to a new platform


You will find an improved user experience and we will be adding some new features whilst removing a few rarely used ones. 


We have chosen Khoros as the platform for our community site for several reasons:


  • Khoros is built on search engine optimization (SEO) best practice, which will make it easier for users to discover answers to their questions via search engines, like Google
  • Jive is the forum’s current platform and is being replaced by Khoros (formally Lithium), a sister product to Jive with enhanced features
  • Khoros has a great track record and is used by some huge brands globally including (but not limited to): Autodesk, Cisco, HP, Spotify, Sky, Fitbit and Lego for their discussion platforms
  • The new Khorus platform comes with improved admin tools that our moderators will find easier to work with, saving valuable time for everyone

New structure to the forums


We are consolidating many of the original forum spaces into three main focused spaces:

  1. Content Services (ECM)
  2. Process Services / Activiti (BPM)
  3. Application Development Framework (ADF)


This approach will make it easier to find the relevant forum, search for content, provide contributions, and streamline the overall experience.


The majority of existing content will be moved into one of these three spaces. 


Connect, Events / Meetups, Community Happenings, News / Announcements will be consolidated. 


French, Spanish and Portuguese language forums are also staying as they are. Other in-language forums will be archived – these can still be accessed for their content but new posting will not be possible.


We are moving older content (pre-2016) to read-only archive section. Users will be able to search the archives and review content there, but will be unable to reply or comment on it.  


What content **isn’t** being moved

  • Private messages: In order to avoid privacy issues, we won’t be moving these messages. We recommend you check if there are any private message you would like to save. This is a feature that was rarely used and as such we’ve decided not to continue. Go here to get your PMs
  • Passwords: All users will need to reset their password when the platform launches. This is for security reasons.
  • Questions without replies: If a post was created in early 2019 and before and hasn't received any replies. 
  • Users who have never created content and never logged into Jive: If their account was migrated from one of the former domains (wiki, drupal forums, etc) and they have never activated their account in Jive. There are privacy compliance concerns with migrating these accounts.


Badges, avatars and status


Your username, avatar picture and status will be moved across.  

We are changing the levels of status you can earn and plan to introduce more levels.


What will happen next?


  • 10 days before launch - Email confirming launch date
  • 2 days before launch - Content Freeze
  • 1 day before launch - Migration to new platform 
  • Launch day! - Early September
    • Reset password


If you have any questions, comments or want to learn more, please leave a comment and a member of the team will get back to you.


The Alfresco Hub

  • Kristen Gastaldo 
  • Ole Hejlskov 
  • Irving Navarrete 
  • Ian Norton 
8 Replies
Active Member

Re: New Alfresco Community Site

I really like the new forum!

Is there a way to insert an image in a new post rich text editor?

I can see that there is an "insert a video" button, but no way to insert an image.

Am I missing something?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: New Alfresco Community Site

Do you see the photo option? It's next to video for me. See below:

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 8.50.49 AM.png

Active Member

Re: New Alfresco Community Site


Also, another problem I found is that when a post is marked as answer, the "Jump to solution" button shrinks the entire first message width a lot, resulting in almost unreadable code snippets.

Have a look at this discussion, for example.

Or is it just me?

Thanks for the attention.

Active Member

Re: New Alfresco Community Site

I am also not viewing the field to attach "image" to forum posts. Smiley Sad

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: New Alfresco Community Site

Thanks for your feedback, it's been passed to our team who will take a look

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: New Alfresco Community Site

Hi @moisesdfelix & @sanzoghenzo you should now be able to see the photo button in the editor to allow you to upload images. 

@sanzoghenzo I'm also looking into the issue you mentioned in code block message widths. 


Active Member

Re: New Alfresco Community Site

Thanks @inavarrete , now I see the "Photos" button!

Member II

Re: New Alfresco Community Site

hmmm. that's nice respond by admin 

 i am new to this community