1 Basic Theme - Get a great theme for your Alfresco with a Free Theme

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1 Basic Theme - Get a great theme for your Alfresco with a Free Theme

Alfresco by default comes with only a few themes which can be customized according to your needs. However, users find them quite plain and boring when they start interacting more with Alfresco. They would also want to have additional choices when selecting a Theme for their Alfresco or a custom site they are using. We built some amazing themes for Alfresco to address this. Our themes collection contains more than 14 different themes for Alfresco, all different from one another. These themes are based on the popular Bootswatch catalog - a collection showcasing best themes that are built on Bootstrap themes framework for web applications. The themes work across the entire Alfresco Share interface and are commercially supported.

The following themes are available for Alfresco with this themes offering.

  • Cerulean (Basic)
  • Cosmo (Basic)
  • Sandstone (Basic)
  • Spacelab (Basic)
  • Journal (Basic)
  • Lumen (Basic)
  • Yeti (Basic)
  • Readable (Premium)
  • Cyborg (Premium)
  • Simplex (Premium)
  • Slate (Premium)
  • Flatly (Premium)
  • Superhero (Premium)
  • United (Premium)
  • Paper (Premium)
  • Darkly (FREE)

Largest Themes selection for Alfresco Share Themes pack by Loftux is the largest unique themes collection for Alfresco.

Pick one or get a bundle You can either buy one theme or many as a bundle. Bundles are a great way to provide a wide selection of themes for your Alfresco users.

Built on Bootswatch Bootswatch (http://www.bootswatch.com) is known for showcasing the best quality themes for web applications based on the Bootstrap framework.

Compatibility These themes are compatible with both Alfresco Enterprise and Community editions and supports the latest version of Alfresco One.

Customizable The themes available can be customized for your organization.

Works Across Alfresco Share Starting from the Login page, the themes pack is a complete theme pack unlike most other themes available.

Commercial Support The themes are commercially supported via http://loftux.com/support for your Alfresco installation when you purchase.

Vendor Experience Loftux AB has experience in customizing Alfresco Share themes since the start of Alfresco Share.

Language Independent Themes pack is language independent. You can use it any Alfresco (Share) installation independent of the language.

Dark themes for Creative Professionals Creative professionals prefer Dark themes for their web applications to ensure a greater contrast visibility. The themes contains wonderful Dark themes for Alfresco that can help them become more productive.

See before you buy With optionally requested access to Loftux AB demonstration server, you can try these themes for free.

Get a FREE additional Theme When you purchase this product, you are automatically entitled to a Free Darkly theme for Alfresco. For more information and purchase, please contact Loftux AB. You can also request access to a demonstration server where you try Alfresco Share with these themes.

You will never see Alfresco Share the same again!

Visit http://loftux.com (English) or http://loftux.se  (Swedish) to get this for your Alfresco server today.

OwnerPeter Löfgren

Community 4.0.x

Community 4.2.x

Community 5.0.x

Community 5.1.x

Enterprise 4.0.x

Enterprise 4.1.x

Enterprise 5.0.x

Enterprise 5.1.x

License TypeProprietary
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Component TypeShare Theme
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InstallationAMP, JAR
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