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AlfBI - Real time analytics customised for you

AlfBI is a business intelligence tool powered by Metabase (OSS). Parashift have specifically designed the reports and integration to Alfresco to extend the efficiencies and outcomes of Alfresco’s internal reporting capabilities, empowering organizations to create their own individualized reports on system performance, content and workflows.

The AlfBI tool includes data warehousing of raw information, which works together with a customized front end browser interface, to provide organizations with key actionable information through easy to digest analytic reporting.

Featuring clean and simple presentation formats such as tables, pie charts and other graphical visual elements, AlfBI reports can be used at any level within the organization, to help you make strategic and tactical decisions.

AlfBI features real-time alerts through notification “pulses”, to help you monitor critical events and event patterns, such as when thresholds are met.

Fully supported by the Parashift team, AlfBI can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

AlfBI Features:
- Browsers supported
- On premise or cloud based
- Unlimited user licences
- Standard customer reporting
- Alfresco oriented reports

Tech Specs: 

Community 5.0.x

Community 5.1.x

Community 5.2.x

Enterprise 5.0.x

Enterprise 5.1.x

Enterprise 5.2.x

License TypeGNU Affero General Public License (AGPL),Proprietary
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Tagsalfresco business intelligence,BI,analytics
Component TypeAlternative Client / UI,External Utility,Integration
Extension PointsPublic API,Data Web Script,Web Script