Alfresco ACP Cleaner (commandline)

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Alfresco Employee

Alfresco ACP Cleaner (commandline)

This is a really quickly-made commandline tool to help cleanup ACP (Alfresco Content Package) files before importing them into target Alfresco instances.

purge renditions (thumbnails) from the old system/ACP file before they get imported into the new system.

review USERS and optionally rename them to make sure target system has the users before ACP import.

review CUSTOM CONTENT MODEL (defined as not http://www.alfresco... or namespaced) to make sure target system has the expected content models before ACP import.

This is a basic, blunt tool to quickly review and handle simple modifications to make the ACP import process easier.
For help: java -jar acp-cleaner.jar -? 

Ownerdhartford _

Community 4.0.x

Community 4.2.x

Community 5.0.x

Community 5.1.x

License TypeApache
Project PageGitHub - dhartford/alfresco-acp-cleaner 
Download Page
Component TypeExternal Utility
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ProductsAlfresco in the Cloud, Repository