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Alfresco Bulk Export Tool

Vijay Prince presented the tool Alfresco Bulk Export Tool  at the Alfresco Devcon and how to use it and manage data’s export during migration.
Different options have been added to the tool and make the usage easier :
- The UI allows you to monitor the export and to use the tool
- You can start, stop and restart the jobs via the UI
- You can set a period for the export
- You can add aspects and properties to the exported data
- you can update existing types, aspects and properties
- you can update the model prefix

The interface is not fancy but efficient :

If you want to have a look at this project :

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Member II

After install the URL is not found - Re: Alfresco Bulk Export Tool

New to Alfresco. Using 5.1x, JDK 1.8.x in Windows. Successfully deployed the bulkexport-0.7 using alfresco-mmt.jar. However, the new service of export is not found, nor it is found as a new webscript. I could not find any new class with package org/alfresco/extensions in the Alfresco folder after deploy. What could be the issue?

https://hostSmiley Tongueort/alfresco/service/extensions/bulkexport/export gives page not found

https://hostSmiley Tonguert/alfresco/service/index Does NOT show the new extension

I cannot find any of the new extension packages anywhere inside the Alfresco folder.

Please see below the successful deploy image with no error in the log file.

See below the successful install.Successful-deploy-bulk-export-amp.png


Alfresco Employee

Re: After install the URL is not found - Re: Alfresco Bulk Export Tool

Hi @SG,

Sorry to ask an obvious questions but

1) did you first run the tool using the -preview? This should report all modifications and give you an idea that it will install correctly

2) have you stopped & restarted Tomcat since installing 

3) Is there anything in the logs?


Digital Community Manager, Alfresco Software.
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Re: After install the URL is not found - Re: Alfresco Bulk Export Tool


Run the below command in your alfresco folder and check whether the amp installed or not. Most probably the issue will be in the amp installations.

java -jar /usr/local/tomcat/alfresco-mmt/alfresco-mmt*.jar list /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/alfresco