Alfresco in Atlassian Confluence - Plug and Play

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Alfresco in Atlassian Confluence - Plug and Play

When Atlassian Confluence® and Alfresco® are integrated, Confluence users can access, list, display, edit, download Alfresco files from Confluence:

  • Plug and play integration application.
  • Authenticate with Alfresco from Confluence
  • Alfresco file management from within Confluence
  • Alfresco function buttons native within Confluence
  • Embed any attachment, and it is pulled directly from Alfresco
  • High resolution viewer so you can do presentations with Alfresco files directly from Confluence pages
  • Edit Alfresco files in Confluence using Office applications - regardless of browser or OS you are running
  • Search Alfresco files from Confluence
  • CMIS-standard based

Following are some Youtube videos to see how the integration works. Alfresco in Atlassian Confluence 4.X - 5.X, by AppFusions Alfresco in Confluence - quick demo Email for a free 30-day evaluation key and try it for yourself.

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Video | Screenshots | Free Evaluation AppFusions

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License TypeProprietary
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Tagsdocument management, alfresco, collaboration, atlassian, confluence, appfusions, integration
Component TypeAction, Content Model, Document Library, External Utility, Integration
Extension PointsAuthenticator, Content Model, Share Action, Share Document Library Action, Explorer UI (Obsolete)