Alfresco integration with Hitachi Content Platform HCP

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Member II

Alfresco integration with Hitachi Content Platform HCP

Hi Guys,

I'm just curious on integrating alfresco with Hitachi Content Platform. As I've been searching, I managed to find several commercial add-ons provided for this integration either from alfresco hub or by searching the internet and could not manage to find any non-commercial add-ons.

I've also read some of the HCP documentation that states that it supports S3 and REST API for cloud protocols here

My question is, is there any recommendation for non-commercial add-ons that can be used for Alfresco community edition to integrate with HCP? And is it also possible to use the Alfresco S3 connector for integrating this with HCP or other experience for doing this integration?

Thank you very much for your insights.