Alfresco - Machine Learning Integration (Google Cloud - Amazon AWS)

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Alfresco - Machine Learning Integration (Google Cloud - Amazon AWS)

OwnerTAI Software Solution s.r.l (Alfresco Strategic Partner)

Community 5.2.x

Community 6.0.x

Community 6.1.x

Enterprise 5.2.x

Enterprise 6.0.x

Enterprise 6.1.x

License TypeProprietary
Project Page
Download Page
TagsMachine Learning, Image Classification, Sentiment Analysis
Component TypeJAR plugin
Extension PointsRepository - Share
InstallationAMP manual

By using this plugin you will able to use Google and Amazon AI services, such as Vision, NLP, Rekognition and Comprehend APIs.We've add new actions to synchronous analyze images and node comments for sentiment analysis. This is obviously a POC of the potential of the AI services mentioned. You don't need to increase ACS architecture complexity, you'll install amps and it will be enough.

In our scenario, results of image analysis will be used to add Tags and Categories to node. Sentiment scores will be used to render some useful indicators.

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Re: Alfresco - Machine Learning Integration (Google Cloud - Amazon AWS)

Please! I need your help! I found your add-on fantastic but I can't access the page to download the .amp file

Can you Help me?