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Alfresco Mobile Customization as a Service

In today's world, from boardrooms to factory floors, everyone is using a mobile device. Be it a quick glance at the company's finances for the last 10 years or a glance at a user manual, it's always helpful to have your documents always in your hands. If you are already using Alfresco in your organisation, you know that we're talking about Alfresco Mobile.
On mobile devices, native apps always work a lot better than web based applications. For anyone who is already using Alfresco, there is Alfresco iOS and Android apps available for download and install. These apps are wonderful, and they work well as they should.

Starting today, we are offering customization of apps on both platforms. These offerings are applicable to new or existing installations of Alfresco One (Enterprise), Alfresco Community edition and LXCommunity ECM.

Organisation Branding

We would be changing the logos of the apps with your organisations. We can also replace any labels on the application you want to have changed. The branding package also includes distribution for the first deployment.
2,999 EUR for iOS, 2,499 EUR for Android, 4,999 EUR for both platforms.

Custom Feature Development

We are able to remove/customise certain features of the apps. This would be charged at our standard consulting rate. However, you would need to additionally subscribe to the feature stabilisation package at 9,999 EUR per year.

Feature Stabilisation

If you want to maintain a particular older build of Alfresco Mobile for compatibility purposes, we are able to provide you with our build maintenance service. This would cost 9,999 EUR per year.


You would be able to choose how you want to distribute your app. We would be supporting distribution through the Apple AppStore, Google Play Store and supported Mobile Device Management solutions you already have in place.
To distribute your app through AppStore and Play Store through Loftux AB, the cost would be at 1,999 EUR per year. If you are using an existing Mobile Device Management or want to distribute on your own, the fee would be at 2,499 EUR per year.

Consulting and Training

To make the best use of the Alfresco apps, we are offering consulting and training for your users. Pricing for consulting and training are available upon request.
We hope these new service offerings will help your organisation make the best from using Alfresco. To get started, send us an email at or contact us through the contact form.

OwnerPeter Löfgren

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