Alfresco Portlet for IBM WebSphere Portal | By Alfstore

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Alfresco Portlet for IBM WebSphere Portal | By Alfstore

By Alfstore: The "Alfresco Explorer" portlet exposes the content of an Alfresco space in the tree-view way in an IBM Websphere portal. It provides all in-line editing features for documents and folders. It is as simple as a Windows explorer view with a user interface that can really be used by non-advanced users. Through the IBM Websphere portal, users get easy access to their documents with full Alfresco permissions properly managed. Actions on documents

  • Create (upload), Update, Delete
  • Edit : from the portal interface, edit and save a document directly into Alfresco
  • Send link by email
  • Preview the document from the portlet before opening it

Actions on folders

  • Create, Delete, Refresh, Rename Search
  • Search Alfresco documents using a google like search box
  • Powered by the Alfresco embedded search engine WebSphere Compability :
  • 4.x
    OwnerSalem TIRANE _

    Enterprise 3.2

    Enterprise 3.2r

    Enterprise 3.3.x

    Enterprise 3.4.x

    Enterprise 4.0.x

    Enterprise 4.2.x

    Enterprise 5.0.x

    Enterprise 5.1.x

    Enterprise 5.2.x

    License TypeProprietary
    Project PageAccueil - Alfstore 
    Download PageModules Alfresco - Alfstore 
    TagsIBM, Portlet, Websphere
    Component TypeExternal Utility, Integration
    Extension PointsWeb Script,Explorer UI (Obsolete)