Alfresco Portlet For Liferay Portal | By Alfstore

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Alfresco Portlet For Liferay Portal | By Alfstore

The portlet brings an Alfresco space in a tree-view mode to all users. In order to make the interface as simple as possible, only the most common document management operations are exposed to the portal users. Bringing and immediate user adoption, the Windows like interface has been developed with non-advanced users in mind to ensure that zero training is required. Liferay users can now easily access documents with all in-line editing features on documents and folders. The portlet layout is light and small so it can be integrated on a multi-column page with others portlets. Secure, Alfresco permissions are properly managed so users will only see the files and folders granted to them. Actions on documents

  • Create (upload), Update, Delete
  • Edit : from the portal interface, edit and save a document directly into Alfresco
  • Send link by email
  • Preview the document from the portlet before opening it

Actions on folders

  • Create, Delete, Refresh, Rename Search
  • Search Alfresco documents using a google like search box
  • Powered by the Alfresco embedded search engine Liferay Compability :
  • 6.x
  • 7.x
    OwnerSalem TIRANE _

    Enterprise 3.3.x

    Enterprise 3.4.x

    Enterprise 4.0.x

    Enterprise 4.1.x

    Enterprise 4.2.x

    Enterprise 5.0.x

    Enterprise 5.1.x

    Enterprise 5.2.x 

    License TypeProprietary
    Project PageAccueil - Alfstore 
    Download PageModules Alfresco - Alfstore 
    Tagsportlet, liferay
    Component TypeDocument Library,External Utility,Integration
    Extension PointsWeb Script