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Alfresco Remove Versions from Share


This project has been developed as sample for **How to extend (properly) and "old" Alfresco Share feature** talk at [Alfresco DevCon 2018]( If you want to learn how to develop this addon, attend **Alfresco DevCon** or watch the recorded session.


Alfresco Share only exposes actions to *revert*, *download* and *view properties* for every action of a node. This addon includes a *delete* action which removes the version from the repository. The action is available at document detail version list and it's only visible for members of group `VERSION_REMOVERS`.


The plugin is licensed under the [LGPL v3.0](


Current patch release is 1.0.0


The current version has been developed using Alfresco 201707 and Alfresco SDK 3.0.1

***Original Alfresco resources have been overwritten***

Downloading the ready-to-deploy-plugin
The binary distribution is made of one JAR file for the repository and one JAR file for Share:
* [repo JAR](
* [share JAR](

You can install it by copying JAR repo file to `$ALFRESCO_HOME/modules/platform`, JAR share file to `$ALFRESCO_HOME/modules/share` and re-starting Alfresco.

Populate the Group

The `VERSION_REMOVERS` group will be created for you automatically. If, for some reason, it does not get created, create a new group with an ID of `GROUP_VERSION_REMOVERS`. You can add individuals and groups to this group. For example, at the very least you will probably want to add ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS to this group.

Building the artifacts
You can build the artifacts from source code using maven

```$ mvn clean package```

OwnerAngel Borroy

Community 5.2.x

License TypeGNU Library or "Lesser" General Public License (LGPL)
Project PageGitHub - keensoft/alfresco-remove-version: Alfresco Remove Versions from Share 
Download PageReleases · keensoft/alfresco-remove-version · GitHub 
Component TypeDocument Library
Extension PointsPublic API, Web Script, Share Custom Page
ProductsRepository, Share Web Client