Alfresco Site User Access Right Report

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Alfresco Site User Access Right Report

Hello everyone,

I have developed a Site User Access Report that lists Sitename, Username, Users Roles on Site, Folders in Site and User's Permissions on those Folders.

User will have a list of all the above data and can easily Search and Filter data through Sitename or Username or both Sitename & Username.

Only  Administrator can view the report.

For more Information and Deployment/Configuration, kindly visit my github mentioned below.

Thanks to the Alfresco Experts and Professionals on Alfresco Community Services Forum for helping me out during some issues during the development of this Addon.





Community 5.0x

Community 6.0x and above.

License Type GNU General Public License v3.0
Download Page TBD
Tags Site Reports, User Reports, Folders, Permissions, Alfresco Webscripts, Alfresco Share
Extension Points Web Scripts, Share Action, Share Custom Page, Alfresco Java API, Reports.
Installation AMP
Products Alfresco Repository and Alfresco Share
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Re: Alfresco Site User Access Right Report

I noticed the project and download pages are no longer active. Do you have a new link to the project and download pages? Thank you, Kim

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Re: Alfresco Site User Access Right Report

Dear @EddieMay ,

Sorry the I remove the project from the project page, actually there were some issues in the report and the report had a compatibility issue with other versions of Alfresco. Kindly remove the AMP, once all the issues are resolved I will reupload the AMP.

Thank you Smiley Happy