Building Google Drive from source

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Building Google Drive from source

Hi folks,

I am wondering if anyone has been able to build the Google drive project:

I am looking to make some changes (probably contributing to the Googledrive project). Specifically, I am going to enable previewing documents in Google Drive and not just editing. 

Anyway, to the issue at hand.

Add missing repositories

Trying to build from source initial is missing a number of dependencies, so I have added the following repositories to get rid of those errors. 





Still missing dependencies

I am only using Community, however, the following deps do not seem to be public and I cannot seem to find where/how I can add them. 


Cannot resolve org.alfresco.integrations:alfresco-googledocs-community-config:1.0.1
Cannot resolve org.alfresco.integrations:alfresco-googledocs-enterprise-config:1.0.1


Any guidance on getting Google Drive project building from source would be appreciated.