Citeck EcoS: Adaptive Case Management

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Citeck EcoS: Adaptive Case Management

Comprehensive solution with the functionality of ECM and Adaptive Case Management. Citeck EcoS is based on the open-source Alfresco platform and also implement some unique capabilities and production-ready functional solutions built on top of it, such as Loan origination, Meetings, Contracts management etc. What is ACM? Adaptive case management (or dynamic case management) is an approach to managing the company's business processes in such a way, that every process is managed as a separate case with key elements. Those key elements could be documents, people, events, processes, etc. The case could also be broken down into stages that could be achieved by meeting specific conditions. This approach helps to achieve the lenient decision-making, unlike the way it is done in traditional systems, thanks to the versatile choice of the elements. Citeck EcoS is a powerful, versatile and dynamic tool for case creation and management. Any project, process or situation could be described in the form of the case. All the case elements would be created on the preassigned stages of the case management (such stages as filling the case card, uploading necessary documents, task execution, etc.). The key functional areas for Citeck EcoS The most efficient way to use the case management system would be for processes that don’t have the predetermined sequence of events and their content could change from case to case. For example:

      • Loan application processing
      • Tender management
      • Public appeals (for government structures)
      • Legal proceedings
      • Technically complex products and services sales
      • To learn more about EcoS system, visit

        Also you could download the Community version of Citeck EcoS, read tutorial and wiki here -

          Citeck EcoS Community binaries available for download here -

            Other solutions based on Citek Ecos: Loan Origination

              Tender management

                Contract management



                      To ask a question or to require the demonstration, please write to



                Community 4.2.x

                Community 5.1.x

                Enterprise 4.2.x

                Enterprise 5.1.x

                License TypeGNU Library or "Lesser" General Public License (LGPL),Proprietary
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                TagsCiteck, ecos, contracts, approval, contract management, contract, ACM, adaptive case management, contract system, meetings, loan origination
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