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Contentreich Alfresco Email

The email-address is frequently used to identify users. In general, the users know it better than a username such as "asteffan123". Using the email-address for identification reduces the chance to enter wrong credentials during the login process. Besides, it supports better realization of the use case "Forgot password". An out-of-the-box installation does not really honour the the email as a primary user identifier for various reasons. In enterprise environments, it is common to have other external authentication systems in place (e.g. Active Directory) where an application like Alfresco is not granted permissions to change data. In such a scenario, realizing the "forgot password" use case may prove to be difficult. The Contentreich Alfresco add-on Email is designed for applications wishing to leverage the email-address for user identification. It offers the following functionality:

  • Avoid duplicate users - especially with regards to Share site invitations
  • Extended people search using the email-address
  • Repository (Behaviour) enforced uniqueness of user email addresses (optional)
  • Share login using the username or email-address
  • Forgot password prozess

In general, the functionality provided does not require the Alfresco repository to use native authentication exclusively.

OwnerAndreas Steffan

Community 4.0.x

Enterprise 4.0.x

License TypeOther Open Source
Project PageAlfresco add-on - Email - CONTENTREICH 
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Extension PointsData Web Script, Share Custom Page
ProductsRepository, Share Web Client