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Document Linking

Parashifts Document Linking add-on for Alfresco allows users to access documents from multiple locations, without having to copy or duplicate them to other sites or folders. The module also solves other challenges by ensuring any changes made to the parent document are automatically replicated to all versions regardless of their location in Alfresco. All users will now have confidence that they are always working with the most up-to-date version, such as pricing lists and company policies and procedures. The Document Linking module is open source and offered just like Alfresco Enterprise: on a subscription basis, giving users access to support and maintenance utilizing Parashifts GitLab server for sources, updates and issue tracking facilities. If the subscription is cancelled, the Document Linking module will continue to function; however, continued upgrades and maintenance will not be provided.


Simple. The document linking module is simple to set up with just a few clicks of your mouse

Manageable. Should you change the name your document, the links will automatically update

Sync. Any change (content or metadata) made to the document is immediately reflected in all the documents linked to that document

Visibility. An icon shows that the document is linked to another location, or is a link to a document

Flexibility. All the links to a document can be removed with one click of a button, without affecting the original document

Preservation. Existing links are maintained even when the primary document is moved to a different location RM Compatible.

The Document Linking module is now records management compatible by allowing you to link documents which have been declared as a record. You can even externally link documents outside of the file plan.

How it Works:

Creating links to a document works like the "Copy to..." or "Move to..." actions which are available out-of-the box with Alfresco Share:

1. Navigate to a document in your Document Library (e.g. "My File.docx") which you want to link

2. Click on the Link to button

3. Select a target folder where you want your link to be created

4. Confirm the dialog - please note you will need write permissions on the selected folder

5. A file referring back to the original document (“My File.docx") will be created within the selected folder, with appropriate thumbnail and name like "Link to: My File.docx"

To remove all the links to a document:

1. Click on the Reset all links button

2. Confirm the dialog

To remove one of the links:

1. Navigate to the original document by clicking on the document

2. Scroll to the bottom of the document viewer page

3. Click on the Unlink button

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Community 5.0.x

Community 5.1.x

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Enterprise 5.1.x

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