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Document Warehouse & Store Management - Alfresco Record Management

Skytizens upgraded the Alfresco Record Management feature, which allows you to handle thousands of records by your PC with digital, physical, and hybrid approaches. No more full storage space, digitally combined with Alfresco storage. Boxes can be created with high-performance functionality. Declare records with metadata editor classifying its type. Realtime borrow and return a physical record as a queue with task approval. Each record contains a digital status bar showing availability. A smart record box displays storage location in a place that you never miss the transfer progress. Move records to the next storage location for archival. It can be simply scheduled for later automatic disposition by day, months, or years as needed. Save the amount of business value and time to be focusing on more tasks. Feature contained:

  • Multiple Record Type Support – A variety of mimetypes supported such as doc, pdf, xls, tiff, jpeg, ppt, and etc. Records storage can include CD/DVD, USB, and/or HDD. The storage also supports several folder types such as Electronic, Non-Electronic, and Hybrid.
  • Records Classification Scheme – Classify documents as records for additional rules. Index and sort records based on class, file, and folder parts.
  • Barcode-Based Tracking – Barcode triangulation of physical files within boxes, movement tracking among users or locations, generate transfer notes for location determination, record acceptance or rejection attached to notes
  • eDiscovery & Legal Hold – Simultaneous suspension of record by multiple users, supports eDiscovery compliance requirements, records management lifecycle process paused until holds released, relevant information preserved with destruction disabled.
  • Vital Records Management – Identification and management of business vital records, assured business continuity in case of disaster circumstances, periodic re-identification and review of vital records, effective and immediate retrieval of vital records
  • Powerful Search & Retrieval – Powerful filtered searches by barcode, borrower, box number, etc. optimize physical delivery with box properties and location search, full-text content and associated metadata search options, retrieval configuration by assignment of user or user group
  • Business-Critical Security – Permissions based access for file plans, transfer requests, and borrow requests, administrative functions for report generation and rules definition, maker-checker support in classification creation, digital signature, encryption, and authentication features
  • Comprehensive Reports – Record reports of File Plan, transfer requests, and the final disposition, User reports of lifecycle status, return requests, and group privileges, administration reports of user activity, exported records, and borrower overdue, station reports of physical storage history, transfers, and current location.

Enterprise 6.x

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Re: Document Warehouse & Store Management - Alfresco Record Management

compatible with ACS 6.2 community ?  


Re: Document Warehouse & Store Management - Alfresco Record Management

Yes, It works with ACS 6.2 community, however, it is highly recommended on the Enterprise version for better performance.