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Docusign for Alfresco

The Docusign for Alfresco Addon allows users to manage e-signature requests from Alfresco.  It integrates with Docusign to manage the signature proceess.  A user can request a signature from multiple signees and then keep track of the signature request lifecycle using a Signatures Dashboard.  Meanwhile the original and signed documents are stored in the Alfresco Repository to allow for your record keeping requirements.  The solution includes changes to Share and Digital Workspce for user interaction and a Rest interface for integration scenarios.

OwnerSeed Information Management


License TypeGNU
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TagsDocusign, Docusign Connector, Share & Digital Workspace Docusign Addon, Alfresco Rest Docusign Connector, Digital Signature Addon
Component TypeACS REST, Share & Digital Workspace Connector for Docusign
Extension PointsACS Alfresco Repository, ACS Share, ACS Digital Workspace, ACS Jobs, ACS Webscripts
InstallationAMPs for Share and Repo, Digital Workspace war or ADF Library 
ProductsTested against Enterprise and Community Alfresco ACS 6.2.x, ACS 6.1.x  and Alfresco Content Application 2.4


2 Replies

Re: Docusign for Alfresco

We have added an additional feature to store the Certificate of Completion for signed documents in Alfresco once the signature process is complete.


Re: Docusign for Alfresco

Is docusign support alfresco 7?