Dynamic linear Workflow

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Dynamic linear Workflow

Business Processes are the keys to every business these days. When it comes to BPM (Business Process Management), Alfresco provides some basic OOTB processes (workflows). Alfresco is having tremendous capabilities to cater the most complex business processes. However, new workflow development or changes in the existing workflows in production is still a pain for the most. Even a simplest and linear business process requires development and deployment efforts.

Here, we have come up with an Alfresco component that can help Alfresco administrator create and use linear workflow(s) on the go, within the Alfresco itself. Once the component is deployed, there is no downtime for deployment or server restart required. This component is also available in the form of AMP (Alfresco Module Package).



Community 5.2

License TypeProprietary 
Project PageReusable Components
Download PageReusable Components
Component TypeDynamic Workflow
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InstallationInstructions will be provided by Email upon request
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Re: Dynamic linear Workflow


Exactly what kind of workflow it is?

can you please elaborate?Kalpesh Patel