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ecm4u Email for Share

This module allows you to store your important emails in Alfresco. With the integrated previewer you can view content, recipient and atttachments of an email at a glance, without having to open your native email client. The search function enables you to search for emails and attachments or look for recipients and senders of messages. Key Facts:

  • preview of e-mail and attachments on one site in your browser
  • does not require Thunderbird or Outlook for a preview
  • archive also your e-mails in the context of your (project-)documentation
  • store your e-mails in Alfresco using the Alfresco network drive (CIFS), webdav, ftp or Alfresco Share
  • fulltext indexing of attachments und e-mail content
  • selective search for attachments
  • selective search for recipients
  • download of attachments
  • supports standard e-mail format MIME
  • supports Mozilla Thunderbirds .eml format
  • supports Microsoft Outlooks .msg format
  • supports text e-mails
  • supports HTML e-mails
  • loading of external pictures only with user confirmation
  • display of inline-attachments
  • safe handling of HTML e-mails
  • prevents XSS (Cross-Site-Scripting)
  • filters scripts and other dynamic content
  • derefer function for links
  • prevents iframes
  • extendible filter functions according to your safety regulations

For more information, please have a look at our product sheets in English or German. This and other modules can be ordered at the ecm Market, marketplace for Alfresco solutions. For information on updates and new releases follow us on Twitter or sign in for our newsletter. 



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