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ecm4u LoginByEmail

ecm4u LoginByEmail – how it works:

  • In Alfresco Share you can now login either using your usual login or your email address.
  • LDAP-/AD-synchronisation and authentification still works as expected.

Known issues:

  • If you configured LDAP- or AD- user synchronization, a login by email is only possible for already synched users.
  • The module is not compatible with the Alfresco multi tenant feature, since the tenant user has the same syntax as an email and therefore cannot be distinguished from an email.

Installation: The module consists of two AMP files:

  • for the repository (alfresco.war): ecm4u-loginbyemail-1.0-4.0dCE-repo.amp
  • for the frontend (share.war): ecm4u-loginbyemail-1.0-4.0dCE-share.amp

They each have to be installed seperately for alfresco.war and share.war. This and other modules can be ordered at the ecm Market, marketplace for Alfresco solutions. For information on updates and new releases follow us on Twitter or sign in for our newsletter. 

Community 4.0.x

Enterprise 4.0.x

License TypeApache
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