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ecm4u Permissions

The inheritance of permissions in Alfresco often leads to a complex structure. In order to keep an overview in all situations, ecm4u-Permissions offers an efficient way for the Alfresco Explorer to view all granted permissions instantely or to inquire the permissions of individual users or groups. In addition, ecm4u-Permissions lets you export the existing structure of permissions to Microsoft Excel, where it can easily be edited. After an import to Alfresco, the newly designed structure will become effective right away.

  • Overview: ecm4u-Permissions presents all granted and inherited permissions of a space or directory at a glance. So far, you had move to all higher-level directories seperately in order to get an insight in the structure of permissions. But still you could not be sure that you have not overlooked something, e.g. a certain permission that was inherited from a different space. ecm4u-Permissions provides an overview with one click and gives answers to the questions: who ist the owner of a space, which users or groups have which kind of role or permissions – and are those roles and permissions granted directly or inherited (and from where).
  • Access Test: The access test of ecm4u-Permissions lets you check the permissions of users or groups easily.
  • Administration of Permissions: With ecm4u-Permissions you can export the complete structure of permissions of a space, edit it in Excel and import and execute these permissions in Alfresco.
  • Secure Handling: Despite of all its functionality, ecm4u-Permissions does not presuppose an administrator with a deep knowledge of Alfresco. Users of our module can be sure: an import of an edited permissions structure never leads to the deletion of a space or folder and therefore will not accidentally send files to the recycle bin.

For more information, please have a look at our product sheet. This and other modules can be ordered at the ecm Market, marketplace for Alfresco solutions. For information on updates and new releases follow us on Twitter or sign in for our newsletter. 

Community 3.4.x

Community 4.0.x

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Enterprise 4.0.x

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