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ecm4u Policy Scripting

With Alfresco you can link predefined actions to system events. Actions can be triggered, for example, when creating or deleting a document and can involve the setting of default values, sending of emails or the validation of property-values. The Policy Scripting module now lets you answer a system event with the execution of a script that is stored in the repository - a new, flexible and individual way of implementing actions.

Supported events

  • documents: created, deleted, changed
  • folder: created, deleted, changed
  • aspect: exerted, deleted
  • properties: when changed

Special features:

  • if required, the script can be executed with extended permissions (system-user or any other user-ID)
  • changing the script behaviour during run time without a restart of Alfresco
  • execution of script only if certain properties of a type or aspect have been changed

Example of a use case: A configurable JavaScript that is stored in the Alfresco Content Repository is executed as soon as an adjustable condition with regard to the meta data of a document is fulfilled. The JavaScript can, for example, change the permissions of a document and generate references in other directories. Due to its implementation as JavaScript, the Alfresco administrator is able to adjust the execution logic without having to modify or compile Java-code. ecm4u Policy Scripting makes use of the behavior functionality of Alfresco. It is linked to document types and aspects, with the effect that an automation is independent of a directory structures and based solely on document types. This not only meets the requirements of most processes in companies (such as the releases and life cycles of documents), but is also considerably more effective than working with Alfresco rules. 

Advantages of ecm4u Policy Scripting as compared to Alfresco rules:

  • no impact on the performance like rules - even with large repositories
  • actions can optionally be executed with system permissions in order to apply changes in areas where the particular user actually does not have the required permission to do so
  • trouble-free export and import of directories, since the logic is stored in JavaScript and SpringBean-configuration (by contrast, Alfresco rules are always included in an export)
  • simple and fast adjustments without compilation and rebooting through the usage of JavaScript
  • easy debugging
Ownerecm4u GmbH

Alfresco CE & EE 4.2 - 7.x

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