Engineering Data Management Module

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Engineering Data Management Module

Formtek Engineering Data Management (EDM) Solution is Alfresco Certified Technology that provides for flexible yet secure management of engineering documents, drawings and AutoCAD files.


Upon upload, the EDM Module will extract attributes present in AutoCAD DWG or DXF files, including title block attributes, and map them to the predefined and/or custom content model properties in Alfresco. The EDM Solution also provides the capability to associate and synchronize the base drawing to its external references (XRefs) within the Alfresco repository. The EDM Module includes a converter which automatically renders AutoCAD, MicroStation, and IFC files to thumbnail and vector PDF for viewing in Alfresco. Options for display include the current view of the base drawing, all views of the base drawing, or the complete drawing with all XRefs.


Synchronization with AutoCAD can be achieved with the addition of the Formtek EDM Connector for AutoCAD.



ACS 5.2.x

ACS 6.0.x

ACS 6.1.x

ACS 6.2.x

License Type Proprietary 
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Download Page Highlights of Formtek EDM Module for Alfresco | formtek 
Tags EDM, autocad, dwg, microstation, Engineering, drawing, Formtek
Component Type Content Model, Integration
Extension Points Content Model, Share Action, Share Form, ADF-based ACA / ADW Plug-In.
Installation AMP
Products Repository, Share Web Client
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Re: Engineering Data Management Module

All the Formtek addons for Alfresco are certified on 6.0.x and 6.1.x.


Re: Engineering Data Management Module

The Formtek Engineering Data Management (EDM) Solution for Alfresco is now certified for Alfresco 6.2.x.  In addition to supporting various AutoCAD file formats and MicroStation DGN, the EDM Solution also now supports IFC file formats. Contacts for more information.

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Re: Engineering Data Management Module

It sounds really great! Is there a free or open-source version?

Alfresco Developer