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Highspot Sales Enablement Platform

Are you publishing content in Alfresco but finding that the sales team never uses it? Leverage this integration with Highspot to increase the performance of your sales content.

The Highspot sales enablement platform gives businesses a powerful sales advantage to engage in more relevant buyer conversations and achieve their revenue goals. Through AI-powered search, analytics, in-context training, guided selling, and 50+ technology integrations, the Highspot platform delivers enterprise-ready sales enablement in a modern design that sales reps and marketers love.

Features of the Alfresco Add-On include:

  • A file picker that allows you to browse for and import documents from Alfresco
  • A model for automatically updating items imported from Alfresco when source documents change
  • The ability to maintain metadata properties between Alfresco and Highspot
  • The ability to automatically import documents matching a specific query based on a predetermined schedule

Using Highspot, sales teams can quickly find the best-performing content, and customize it for each opportunity—while marketers gain insights on content use and effectiveness to develop a data-driven strategy. With 90 percent average monthly recurring usage and global support in 125 countries, Highspot is the most trusted solution for sales enablement.


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