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JMX Statistics Dashlet

This administrative dashlet displays server statistics queried from the Alfresco server via a JMX client that runs as a Java-backed webscript. Therefore, this add+on comes as two components that must be installed together: a repository AMP that installs the server-side JMX client, and a Share JAR that installs the dashlet code. Currently, this dashlet is a prototype that displays the Heap Memory Usage on the server. Future revisions will display information about threads, classes, and CPU usage, in addition to general VM statistics. It uses the Raphael JavaScript library to display a graph rendered directly to the page using HTML5 SVG, so the dashlet requires an HTML5-compliant browser. Configuration options are offered to control the auto-refresh interval (which can be turned off), and the display units (from bytes to gigabytes).

Screenshot: Click here

Version: 1.0 Feel free to ask questions or leave feedback in the comments below or contact the author, Chris Paul.

OwnerChris Paul

Enterprise 3.4.x

Enterprise 4.0.x

License TypeApache
Project PageGitHub - cmpaul/jmx-dashlet: An Alfresco admin dashlet that displays server statistics via JMX. 
Download PageDownloads · cmpaul/jmx-dashlet · GitHub 
Tagsjmx, dashlet, statistics, server, info, memory use
Component TypeShare Dashlet
Extension PointsData Web Script,Java Service Class,Web Script,Share Site Dashlet,Share User Dashlet
InstallationAMP, JAR, Build, Manual
ProductsRepository, Share Web Client