LibreOffice Manager for Alfresco Community

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LibreOffice Manager for Alfresco Community

Using this module the stability and availability of OpenOffice/LibreOffice transformation functions will increase, compared to the default subsystem in Alfresco Community. It will replace the default connection between Alfresco Community with OpenOffice/LibreOffice and adds intelligence to keep OpenOffice available. The transformation of documents to different formats and the preview function in Alfresco Share will become more reliable.

The module is developed by implementing JodConverter 3.0 as an Alfresco subsystem. You will gain all the benefits of JodConveter 3.0:

- Multiple OpenOffice/LibreOffice instances
- Optionally on a different server
- Preventive restarting of instances

Please see our website for more information.

Community 5.0.a
Community 5.0.b

OwnerRichard Esplin

Community 4.2.x

License TypeProprietary
Project PageKlaar voor de AVG met Alfresco ⋆ Contezza 
Download PageKlaar voor de AVG met Alfresco ⋆ Contezza 
Tagsopenoffice, libreoffice, jodconverter, previews, transformations, Auto Tagging
Component TypeMetadata Extractor / Transformer / Rendition
Extension PointsJava Service Class