Lightbox for Alfresco / Multi-site My Favorites

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Alfresco Employee

Lightbox for Alfresco / Multi-site My Favorites

Similar to Lightbox feature in various Digital Content Management system or commercial photo stores. Useful for Alfresco users to Mark multiple Files or Folders and download at once as Zip, instead of downloading files one-by-one.

This feature is multi-site, means users can mark files on multiple sites and download them from one place.

OwnerHemant Prasad

Community 4.0.x

Community 4.2.x

Community 5.0.x

Community 5.1.x

Enterprise 4.0.x

Enterprise 4.1.x

Enterprise 4.2.x

Enterprise 5.0.x

Enterprise 5.1.x

License TypeProprietary
Project Page 
Download PageAlfresco Forgot Password, Public Folder, Alfresco Scanning 
Tagslightbox for alfresco, alfresco download as zip
Component TypeAlternative Client / UI, Document Library
Extension PointsBehavior,Share Action
ProductsRepository, Share Web Client