“miniOrange Single Sign-On (SSO) Solution” for Alfresco | miniOrange SSO

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“miniOrange Single Sign-On (SSO) Solution” for Alfresco | miniOrange SSO

miniOrange is an IAM platform that allows admins to manage users and provide SSO & MFA into various platforms/applications like Alfresco.

miniOrange provides secure access to Alfresco for enterprises and full control over access to Alfresco application. With this service, you need only one password for all your web & SaaS apps, including Alfresco.


  • Benefits of the App:

  1. Continuous & seamless access to the Alfresco through users' existing accounts.
  2. No need to maintain separate sets of credentials for logging in to the Alfresco.
  3. No User Migration: Easily link your Database (CRM, CMS, HRMS) or User store with any Identity Platform or apps for secure SSO login without migrating users.
  4. Integration with external IDPs like OKTA, Azure AD, PingOne, ADFS, GoogleApps, and many more.
  5. Flexible Customization services are available.
  • 30 Days Free-Trial Offer:

It takes about 5 mins to get started for 30 days to try using miniOrange in order to increase security, improve user productivity, and make your IT team more efficient.

Use this link to create your account today: https://idp.miniorange.com/free-trial/







Community 3.4.x, Community 4.0.x, Community 4.2.x, Enterprise 3.4.x, Enterprise 4.0.x, Enterprise 4.1.x, Enterprise 4.2.x

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Project Page

Setup guide - miniOrange solution for Alfresco Single Sign On (SSO)

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Setup guide - miniOrange solution for Alfresco Single Sign On (SSO)


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