Notarization with Blockchain by Sinekarta

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Notarization with Blockchain by Sinekarta

OwnerJENIA Software 

Community 5.1.x

Community 5.2.x

Community 6.1.x

Enterprise 5.1.x

Enterprise 5.2.x

Enterprise 6.1.x

License TypeProprietary - 30 day Trial included
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Tagsblockchain notarization‌
Component TypeJAR plugin
Extension PointsRepository - Share
InstallationJAR manual
ProductsSinekarta Notarization by Jenia Software - Sinekarta Notarization - Eng version - YouTube 

This new functionality allows to save in a public blockchain the information needed to ensure immutability verification of digital information (Pdf, Doc, Images, Video, Etc. etc.) saved in a Alfresco. Notarization serve to prove documents existed prior to certain point in time. This document could be any digital file you can imagine in which you have an interest to notarize, for example a meaningful contract, a technical document or a patent.

This plug-in extends the actual document management functionality. The user has the possibility to define the types of documents that will have the notarization between his metadata (Alfresco Aspect) and also define certain workflows.

With the open source API services available on Opentimestamps platform and our plug-in for Alfresco Community Edition, you can verify in any time that your documents are notarized.

Connect to and test Alfresco Community Edition with Notarization plug-in

The credential are

user: sinekarta
password: sinekarta

We have activated a demo installation to give you the possibility to upload some sample documents and the notarization process to be tested: every hour, will send the information necessary for notarization to the blockchain

Instruction (in italian only) are visibile on