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ONLYOFFICE Connector for Alfresco

ONLYOFFICE Connector for Alfresco allows you to work with your documents within Alfresco Share using ONLYOFFICE Online Document Editors.

  • Take advantage of the most complete online editors 100% compatible with Microsoft Office formats: DOCX, XLSX, PPTX.
  • View, create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Save them back to your Alfresco Share.
  • Co-author documents with multiple users in real time.

With ONLYOFFICE Connector for Alfresco, a new Edit in ONLYOFFICE menu option will be created within the document library for Office documents. ONLYOFFICE Connector for Alfresco requires ONLYOFFICE Document Server to be installed. The easiest way to do it is to use Docker. The free version is always available on GitHub

If you rely on a higher number of employees and seek professional technical support, install ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition. Visit the official website to learn more.

A detailed guide on how to install and configure ONLYOFFICE Connector for Alfresco you can find in the official ONLYOFFICE API documentation.

What’s new in the latest version (v3.0.0)

  • JWT support: JSON Web Token (JWT) helps secure your traffic so no one besides the users with proper rights has access to your documents.
  • Configuration page in administration console: You can manage your server address and JWT secret key.
  • Automated testing: Every time you save settings in admin console ONLYOFFICE will run a set of tests to identify potential problems with configuration.
  • New conversion options: The ability to convert ODT, XLS, DOC, ODS, PPT, and ODP to Office Open XML formats (DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX).

What was changed

  • ‘Edit in ONLYOFFICE’ button now displays only for DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, CSV, and TXT formats;
  • CSV and TXT formats will be converted to original format after editing;
  • Document editors will now use user locale.


License TypeGNU General Public License v3.0
Project PageONLYOFFICE - Edit Microsoft Office formats in Alfresco Share online 
Download PageGitHub - ONLYOFFICE/onlyoffice-alfresco: The package which enables the users to edit office document... 
Component TypeAlternative Client/UI, Document Library, Entire Solution/Application, External Utility, Integration
Extension PointsWeb Script, Share Action, Share Custom Page, Share Document Library Action, Share Web Script
InstallationAMP, Build
ProductsAlfresco in the Cloud, Repository, Share Web Client


Create complex documents

Full-featured online text editor 

Create professional spreadsheets

Smooth editing of spreadsheets

Create stunning presentations

Create stunning presentations

Configure ONLYOFFICE within Alfresco

ONLYOFFICE control panel Alfresco

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Member II

ONLYOFFICE Connector for Alfresco: version 4.0 released

ONLYOFFICE Connector for Alfresco was updated to version 4.0.0


  • 'Create new' context menu option in Share
  • Ukrainian translation 


  • ONLYOFFICE Configuration page within Alfresco is now split into two sections. Users are able to enter the inner address (the address that Alfresco will use to access the service) and the public address (the address that is used to access the editors).

ONLYOFFICE settings within Alfresco.jpg

The full changelog is available on GitHub:

Member II

ONLYOFFICE Connector for Alfresco: version 4.0.2 released

ONLYOFFICE Connector for Alfresco was updated to version 4.0.2.


  • Ukrainian translation for Create ... menu


  • Creating a new document was opening an editor in a current tab instead of a new one
  • Ignore SSL certificate setting is now taken into consideration when converting a document

The full changelog is available on GitHub: