ORION ScanIT for Alfresco

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ORION ScanIT for Alfresco

ORION ScanIT is a powerful and scalable system to scan, ocr, index and share documents. It allows you to use any professional document scanner to scan batches of documents, recognize content, add metadata and share them among your users. The documents and data can be published in Alfresco (using CMIS) or any other network server or backend application.

ORION ScanIT software:
SCAN - the documents are converted to digital images;
OCR - the digital images are converted to digital text;
PROCESS - the digital text can be processed to extract specific metadata;
VALIDATE - the documents and the metadata can be validated, changed or added;
EXPORT - the documents are exported to an external system or application.


License TypeProprietary
Project PageScannen naar Alfresco met ORION ScanIT 
Download PageDownload gratis versie ORION 
TagsScanning, CMIS, OCR
Component TypeDocument Library, Metadata Extractor / Transformer / Rendition
Extension Points
InstallationBinary Executable