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Outlook E-Mail Manager for Alfresco

The Westernacher „Outlook E-Mail-Manager“ for Alfresco is an efficient and easy-to-use instrument for integration of Alfresco features to your regular email management environment. The Outlook Integration for Alfresco is easy to install and offers many useful features. It includes a workflow administration panel, which provides instruments to create, change and manage Alfresco workflow tasks. Any space of the repository can be defined as destination for emails and will automatically appear in the Outlook folder structure. An embedded Alfresco Explorer and an advanced Alfresco Search component allow browsing quickly the repository contents. Users may move mails and their attachments via simple drag-and-drop operations from or into the repository. While archiving a duplicate check is initiated on repository-, site- oder folder-level, set this easiely in the configuration. All already stored emails are marked with an icon in your Outlook inbox. The email management solution comes with stubbing functionality, which allows users to transfer email body and attachments to the Alfresco repository while reducing outlook or exchange storage space to links to the repository. Stubbing reduces fixed storage capacities while enriching the enterprise knowledge base. Even if the mail is stored with stubbing you can view the complete mail details via the context menu in your Outlook. Automated e-mails attachments filing is configurable in a dedicated settings menu. All information contained in mails documents including attachments is fully indexed. An Enterprise search can be extended to corporate emails once the plug-in is operational. Emails are available for search within Alfresco via a concise mailbox view which provides smart features including display of the mail content in text or HTML format, download of the original .msg data file for further processing in the Outlook Mail-client, clear display of all attachments, web browser preview of all attachments, search by keywords or full-text and additionally, a support for more than 200 file formats (using the built-in Alfresco document viewer) is provided. Features within Outlook

  • Drag & Drop emails and documents within Outlook
  • Integrated Alfresco search (folders, documents, full text search etc.) with customizable search fields
  • Full integration of Alfresco workflows
  • Attach documents (link / document) from the Alfresco repository to emails per drag & drop or via context menu
  • Context menu with numerous DMS-features
  • Edit documents online
  • Tagging and full text indexation
  • Hover-preview within Outlook
  • Visualization of already stored mails
  • Definition of personal favorites at site, folder and document level
  • Enhanced results display in the search tab
  • Duplicate check of all mails while archiving on repository-, site- or folder-level
  • Email Archiving with stubbing (replacement of email content with a link to the email in Alfresco) option
  • Complete email details, even if they are stored with stubbing, via the context menu in Outlook
  • Open Alfresco Share or Alfresco Explorer page for every Alfresco document or folder using context menu
  • Direct navigation to Alfresco Share
  • Double-click a document to open it in the assigned application

Features within Alfresco

  • E-Mail details at a glance in Alfresco Share
  • Individual search mask for emails
  • Improved look & feel
  • Email-headerbox in the mail preview with important infos and access to attachements
  • "Start new mail"-action directly out of Alfresco

Features for Administrators

  • Support for the latest versions (Windows 8 / Outlook 2013)
  • Optimized for scalability
  • Perfromance optimizations in transmission of emails, now up to 50% faster
  • Centralized configuration of clients via Alfresco Admin Console
  • Easy license management
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Enterprise 4.1.x

Enterprise 4.2.x

License TypeProprietary
Project Pagehttp://ecm.westernacher.com/product-portfolio/outlook-e-mail-manager-for-alfresco/ 
Download Pagehttp://ecm.westernacher.com/product-portfolio/outlook-e-mail-manager-for-alfresco/ 
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