PLANNER: Project Management Module

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PLANNER: Project Management Module

What is Planner?

Planner is the project management add-on for Alfresco-based ECM systems. It helps to collaborate on projects, plan and control the employees` activities and track on completion progress and time spent on every issue.

With Planner you don`t have to stay at office all the time to keep in touch with project team. You can manage the project from everywhere with Internet browser.

Planner helps to:

1. Organize a convenient platform for collaboration on any projects.
2. Upload .mpp or .pod files, create and edit projects.
3. Create issues for members of the project group and set deadlines.
4. Set and change the sequence of tasks and establish links between them.
5. Track project progress and schedule tasks easily with the visual representation of the project in the form of a Gantt chart.

What results can give Planner?

- You`ll able to close all projects the on time.
- Employee`s discipline will be improved
- Proper allocation of resources, budget and workload of the project group.
- Quick and easy access to the system, interaction with project participants and control over issues progress from anywhere.
Work on projects faster, easier and more efficient! Close them on time! Try the possibilities of Planner!
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Community 4.2.x

License TypeProprietary
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TagsProject Management, Task Management, Issue Tracking, Task Tracking, Resource Management
Component TypeEntire Solution / Application
Extension PointsBehavior, Content Model, Content Policy, Data Web Script, Java Service Class, Javascript Root Scope Object, Scheduled Job, Web Script, Share Action, Workflow Task, Share Admin Console Component, Share Custom Page, Share Document Library Action, Share Form
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