Quality Management System (QMS)

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Quality Management System (QMS)

Quality control is in many companies tedious, because of lack of IT support and proper processes. Redpill Linpros QMS module tackles this, by bringing QA facilities to the document management system, so that QA can be an integral part of document production and management. Users today expect more of the IT systems, because companies need to deliver more, cheaper and at a higher rate. QMS module ensures that the QA work can deliver quicker and safer by integrating into existing document workflows. By using Alfresco an all digital document handling and QA can be achieved.

Core features for an all digital enterprise

Redpill Linpros mission is to help enterprises get into a pure digital world, by enabling Alfresco to do quality control management. Alfresco stands as the only open-source alternative to Sharepoint and is rated by Gartner Group as visionary compared to other ECMs. Alfresco can integrate into existing company services and provides interesting Cloud services and integrations from mail handling to Cloud publishing.

QMS Core features

QMS modules features QA data model for stores of QA attributes and states, role and permission control of document, and workflows for precise management and compliance to QA goals. All QA work, management and features are available in Alfresco Share collaboration platform.

QMS languages

QMS modules is currently available in Danish, English, German, Norwegian, and Swedish, for other please ask.

Contact us

For further information and questions, please contact:

Chat via www.redpill-linpro.com

E-mail: sales@redpill-linpro.com

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