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Share Community Admin Console

With the Contezza Community Share Alfresco Admin Console it's easier to administer Alfresco even with non-techncal Alfresco knowledge.

Features at the moment:


Force a FULL LDAP synchronization. In some cases the incremental sync gets stuck and a full sync is needed. On the other hand, some instances are only synced nightly and this is nice to be triggered any time.

LDAP Status Refresh

See the status of the last/current sync. The LDAP sync runs in the background, so you have to keep polling/checking if it's finished.

Log4j Level

Set any class to any selected Level (Debug/Info/Warn/Error) with just one button. I know it can be set via the JavaScript Console, but for a simple non Alfresco Administrator who can read logs, this is much User Friendly. Work In Progress:

Restart an Alfresco Subsystem

Get a list of the current available subsystems and perform a restart. Very handy when for example ImageMagick or LibreOffice gets stuck.

Read & Set Properties for a Subsystem

It's nice to see which properties are available for a subsystem & the feature to set them without going through JMX/JConsole

Read & all other system properties

Simple feature which uses our JavaScript extension to read the all the properties file. 

Enterprise 4.2.x

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