SKYTIZENS HTML Dynamic Watermark - Documents Control (ISO)

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SKYTIZENS HTML Dynamic Watermark - Documents Control (ISO)

SKYTIZENS has implemented Alfresco HTML based dynamic watermarking solution for watermarking the ANY files in Alfresco ECM. An additional feature is that you can download and print ANY documents with watermark.


  • create your own, custom watermark (text, image) using HTML code via WYSIWYG editor
  • set position - horizontal/vertical - Fit, Left, Right, Center, Repeat
  • set the angle of rotation (0-360 degree)
  • set watermark opacity (percentage)
  • click 'Preview' to be sure this is what you need
  • download and save any document with watermark (as PDF file)
  • print any document file with watermark too
  • security for downloaded PDF documents - 3 modes: none / image / encrypted
  • manage access to documents through User Access Control - CAN_DOWNLOAD and CAN_PRINT
  • available 11 variables to create custom&dynamic watermarks

Avaliable variables:

  • ${USER_USERNAME} - user login
  • ${USER_FIRST_NAME} - user name first name
  • ${USER_SURNAME} - user surname
  • ${USER_EMAIL_ADDRESS} - user email address
  • ${CLIENT_IP_ADDRESS} - client IP address
  • ${SERVER_IP_ADDRESS} - server IP address
  • ${SERVER_HOSTNAME} - server hostname
  • ${DOCUMENT_OPEN_DATE} - date of opening document
  • ${DOCUMENT_OPEN_TIME} - time of opening document
  • ${DOCUMENT_OPEN_NAME} - name of the document
  • ${DOCUMENT_OPEN_NODEREF} - id of the document


  • as a copying deterrent - personal data on documents
  • as a means of identifying the source

SKYTIZENS HTML Dynamic Watermark is part of our ISO Quality Management Solution.

SKYTIZENS Documents Watermarking - protect your confidential documents.


For more information email to: or contact us (English / Thai speaking):

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