SKYTIZENS JodConverter Client-Server (soffice.bin on dedicated server)

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SKYTIZENS JodConverter Client-Server (soffice.bin on dedicated server)

SKYTIZENS The JodConverter Client-Server integration improves the stability and performance of main Alfresco server by move LibreOffice (soffice processes) outside application server in order to get more system resources for Alfresco.
The JodConverter execute LibreOffice processes on different server(s) and communicate with Alfresco via group of web services.

How does it work

  • Alfresco server: using JodConverter to call LibreOffice server and manage soffice processes
  • LibreOffice server: waiting for Alfresco

The JodConverter supports:

  • a pool of separate LibreOffice processes
  • automatically restart of crashed LibreOffice processes
  • automatic termination of slow LibreOffice operations
  • automatically restart of any LibreOffice process after a number of operations
  • automatically reconnect to LibreOffice server in case of restart server
  • ability to set no of LibreOffice processes per LibreOffice server in the pool
  • real-time conversion using native jodconverter protocol

For more information email to: or contact us (English / Thai speaking):

Advanced Alfresco Solutions 

Community 5.1.x

Enterprise 5.1.x

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