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Snowbound Software's VirtualViewer® HTML5 Document Viewer

As an official Alfresco Technology Partner, Snowbound provides Alfresco users with a faster and more robust document viewing solution by replacing the default PDF.js viewer. Snowbound’s VirtualViewer® HTML5 provides users with a pure HTML5 document viewer to view, annotate and redact all popular document and image formats within a single window. VirtualViewer® HTML5 embeds directly into Alfresco Content Services so the user never has to leave the environment to view a document.

Easy to Use in Any Environment:

  • VirtualViewer® HTML5 delivers a pure Java solution with Java-based server components.
  • Built with Angular technology on the Application Development Framework (ADF), VirtualViewer® HTML5 is available for both ADF implementations as well as Alfresco implementations that do not utilize ADF.
  • Works with Alfresco Content Services, Process Services and Governance Services.
  • It operates on any device with a browser, including laptops, smartphones and tablets.
  • No application download or client-side installation is required, making it a trouble free solution for users as well as IT administrators.
  • Its intelligent localization capabilities enable the UI to auto-detect browser settings and display in the proper language.

Why Replace Your Current Viewer?:

  • Robust Format Support: Users can view, annotate and redact hundreds of different document and image formats, including MS Office, PDF, TIFF, AFP, JPEG, DWG and MOSmiley Very HappyCA. Click here to see the full list of supported documents.    
  • View Multiple Documents: Alfresco users can easily navigate between documents and pages using tabbed windows and thumbnails. By displaying multiple documents and different file formats all in one window, VirtualViewer® streamlines processing and review.
  • Page Manipulation: The document viewer's sophisticated page manipulation options allow users to easily delete, re-order, or move pages between documents or create an entirely new document.
  • Text Search & Extraction: Powerful text searching features enable users to quickly find desired content within text-based documents by highlighting the results. After locating desired content, users can also easily copy and extract text by dragging over the text, copying to the clipboard, and then pasting safely and securely elsewhere.
  • Annotations and Redactions: VirtualViewer® provides users with a variety of annotation and redaction tools, including rubber stamps, redactions, highlighting, and sticky notes. Annotations and redactions inherit user permission levels set up in Alfresco (Manager, Collaborator, Contributor, and Consumer), ensuring confidential information is only seen by approved users. When page manipulations and annotations are finished being made, the document can be saved and committed to the repository, or even exported or distributed depending on user permissions.
  • Alfresco QuickShare Support: QuickShare is the ability for a logged-in user to create or close a public Alfresco hyperlink to share with someone who isn't authenticated in Alfresco and exists outside of the permission levels. An unauthenticated user can access the QuickShare link and view the document, but cannot save any modifications to the document. This is still fully supported in VirtualViewer®.

Start Using VirtualViewer® HTML5 today:

Why Snowbound Software?:

Since 1996, Snowbound Software has been the independent leader in document viewing and conversion technology.  It plays an integral role in enhancing and speeding company workflows for the Fortune 2000, including insurance claims processing, financial transactions, and more. Snowbound excels in providing customers with powerful solutions for capturing, viewing, processing, and archiving hundreds of different document and image types.

Nine of the 10 largest banks in the United States (seven of 10 in the world), as well as some of the biggest healthcare providers, government agencies, and insurance companies rely on Snowbound’s HTML5 document viewer as well as its document and image conversion SDKs for their mission-critical needs.

Snowbound has been a Technology Partner with Alfresco since 2014.  

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License TypeCommon Development and Distribution License (CDDL)
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