Social Login (LinkedIn, oauth2)

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Social Login (LinkedIn, oauth2)

This addon allows users to sign up and sign in to Alfresco by using the social account. Right now only LinkedIn authentication is supported, but we are going to enhance it to add the ability to log in to Alfresco by using facebook, twitter and google accounts.

You can download AMPs at the following links:

Repo AMP - 
Share AMP - 

User Guide:

1) Stop Alfresco
2) Put SocialLogin-platform.amp into {alfresco}/amps folder
3) Put SocialLogin-share.amp into {alfresco}/amps_share folder
4) Apply amps by executing the following script: {alfresco}/bin/
5) If you are already have configured more then one authentication systems, you have to append to your chain one more authentication separated by a comma in the end of the chain flex_oauth2:flex_oauth2. Example: authentication.chain=alfrescoNtlm1:alfrescoNtlm,ldap1:ldap,flex_oauth2:flex_oauth2. Otherwise, skip this step
6) Start Alfresco

How to configure Add-on you can see at this video - 
Source code and guide is available on GitHub - 
Developed by FlexSolution - 

If you need any additional enhancements, then don't hesitate to contact us.

OwnerSergey Palyukh

Community 5.2.x

License TypeGNU General Public License (GPL)
Project PageGitHub - FlexSolution/SocialLogin: LinkedIn authentication for Alfresco by using oauth2 
Download PageFlexSolution company - Alfresco ECM | Java Applications | Web Development 
Tagssocial, login, oauth2, linkedin, sign up, authentication, authorization
Component TypeIntegration
Extension PointsAuthenticator, Web Script, Share Custom Page
InstallationAMP, JAR
ProductsRepository, Share Web Client
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Active Member II

Re: Social Login (LinkedIn, oauth2)

I installed the amp following the documentation below:

However, when you click on tools - Oauth2 Configuration the page is blank.
Does not open the linkedin option to authenticate.
What is missing?
With best regards,
Zé Brasil