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Alfresco Employee

TOPX Dashlet

This project defines a top x documents dashlet for the Alfresco Dashlet Challenge 2011. The dashlet displays the most downloaded documents in the repository by using a custom aspect "topx:countable". Only documents with a hitcounter bigger than 3 are displayed in the list. Features The dashlet shows the documents with the biggest hitcount (property of custom aspect). Following features are implemented:

  • display thumbnail of the documents with hover effect and hit image in it.
  • download the document directly with tooltip (content size and mimetype)
  • jump to the parent folder of the document with tooltip (display path of the folder)
  • jump to the document details of the documents
  • displays the hitcount, creation/modify date and creator /modifier of the document


  • Maxitems is fix at the moment (no configuration provided)

Community 3.4.x

Enterprise 3.4.x

License TypeApache
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