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Alfresco Employee

User Account Switcher

Additional page on the administration tools page. Allows user with admin permissions login under another account registered in alfresco without knowing his/her password.
Admin sees a table with all user logins. He can select user login and click on Switch User action button. After this action, an admin will be redirected to the user home page. Security context will be replaced with the chosen user.

Developed by Aimprosoft

OwnerIgor Sushko 

Community 5.0.x

Community 5.1.x

Community 5.2.x

Community 6.0.x

Community 6.1.x 

Alfresco one 5.x (not tested)

Alfresco one 6.0

Alfresco one 6.1

License TypeApache 2
Project PageGitHub - Aimprosoft/user-account-switcher 
Download PageGitHub - Aimprosoft/user-account-switcher 
Tagsauthentication, troubleshooting
Component TypeAdmin Console
Extension PointsAuthenticator
InstallationAMP (4.2) / JAR (5+) 
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