Windows Easy Sync - Desktop Synchronization for Alfresco

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Windows Easy Sync - Desktop Synchronization for Alfresco

The Alfresco / Windows Easy Sync Integration includes an embedded Alfresco Explorer for browsing the repository contents. Users can view, download, create, edit, move, delete Alfresco documents or spaces directly on the server. The “Edit with WebDav” feature allows online editing of Alfresco contents with local client editors. The Alfresco search component allows for querying full-text contents or any possible Alfresco metadata. The advanced metadata management component provides intuitive instruments to work with standard and custom Alfresco metadata and includes features as:

  • Add/Remove Aspects
  • Configurable, user-friendly view of custom metadata
  • Rich metadata editor
  • Type management for newly created documents/folders
  • etc.

Offline-Editing Features: The Alfresco / Windows Easy Sync Integration supports offline processing of Alfresco contents as well. It implements similar workflow as by the most popular code versioning systems (CVS, SVN, Perforce):

  • Users connect local folders with Alfresco spaces.
  • Users obtain local copies of Alfresco data into connected folders.
  • Users can manage the documents and Alfresco metadata offline.
  • Users can edit local documents using the editing-software installed on his computer.
  • The tool tracks all user changes and marks document states with intuitive Windows Explorer icons.
  • An advanced synchronization wizard displays all remote/local changes and allows one-click synchronization of connected folders with Alfresco data.
  • Users can always revert all changes and replace local copies with a server version.
  • A versioning management component allows to do a Check In / Check Out of Alfresco contents directly from the Windows Explorer. Users can work on the working copy completely offline and check in the new versions to Alfresco once the editing has been completed. Users can see the version history and get the old versions of each document. Mass-Check-In is also possible (Check In of a lot of documents in one step).

PDF-Print: The Alfresco / Windows Explorer Integration includes a smart PDF-Print driver to store any printable contents to Alfresco as a PDF. If users want to share documents in Alfresco that require special viewer software, that other users don’t have, they can easily print it as PDF to Alfresco. Plugin-Architecture: The Alfresco / Windows Explorer Integration supports dynamic extensions (Plugins) that can be easily integrated with less .NET code. Every customer can extend the tool´s context menu with custom items and create own Windows Explorer extensions using our SDK to interact with Alfresco. Features

  • Alfresco Explorer based on user rights with CRUD operations for Alfresco documents/ folders
  • Alfresco search (folders, documents, full text search etc.) with customizable search fields
  • Alfresco versioning functionality
  • Support for offline content – management
  • PDF-Print driver for Alfresco
  • Metadata management component with customizable views
  • Extensible with plugins
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Community 4.0.x

Community 4.2.x

Enterprise 4.0.x

Enterprise 4.1.x

Enterprise 4.2.x

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