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Workflow List Dashlet

Provides a manager view of all workflows instances.
It can be used for replace defaut alfresco dashelt "My Tasks", because this dont show the workflows instances of all users.
The pipeline table contains following coluns:

-Icon Status (Green: Before Due date, Red: Expired or after due date);
-Process Defintion name;
-Description field of Start process
-Start Date;
-Current task name;
-Owner (User assigned);
-Due data;
-Group of user initiator;


- Only initiatores and (Group/User) assigneded can see the tasks.
- Member of Group "Managers" can see all the workflows instances.
- Filter by "Process", "User assigneded" or "Group Initiator".
- Use the link taks to go to the taks form.
* Compatible with only Alfresco Acitivit BPM engine.
* Supported Languages : Portugues Brasil, English and Spanish.

Installation tip:
1. Stop AlfrescoTomCat Service.
2. Paste the File WFDashlet.jar under Directory tomcat\shared\lib
3. Start AlfrescoTomCat Service.
4. Go to home page, click "Cutomize Dashboard", "Add Dashlets", Drag and Drop "Workflows Pendentes".
5. You need to create a Gropu with Id "MANAGERS" and add the users that can see all workflows instances.

Additional :

Build many great analysis using some free Business Intelligence tool like Power BI (following image).
Tip: You can use the WebScrip of this Dashlet with the data source in your BI Tool.

Analysis: Active Workflows x Due Date (Expired or not)

Developed by Itamar Ribeiro
Mobile: +55 (37)99803-1102 _

Community 5.0.x

Community 5.1.x

Community 5.2.x

License TypeGNU General Public License (GPL),Proprietary
Project Pageitamarribeirosilva/Alfresco-Workflow-Dashlet · GitHub 
Download PageWFDashlet.jar - Google Drive 
Tagsdashlet workflow list task all workflows instances
Component TypeBusiness Process Definition / Workflow, Share Dashlet
Extension PointsWeb Script, Workflow Task, Share User Dashlet