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Zefiro is an Alfresco addon, oriented to business productivity.
Zefiro is an interface to Alfresco, alternative to Alfresco Share.
While Alfresco Share is focused on team collaboration, Zefiro is focused on document types and their relationships.
Zefiro recognizes document types and relationships defined in Alfresco and without need for further development or configurations is able to manage:

  • search for specific metadata of a document type
  • advanced management of the types of metadata: search by intervals for dates or amounts, pull-down menu for metadata with a predetermined number of values
  • sort search results by column heading
  • export search results to excel
  • preview of the document during the publication to facilitate the insert of metadata
  • navigation between related documents

Community 5.1.x

License TypeGNU Affero General Public License (AGPL)
Project PageGitHub - MakeITBologna/zefiro 
Download PageReleases · MakeITBologna/zefiro · GitHub 
Component TypeAlternative Client / UI, Content Model, Entire Solution / Application
Extension PointsPublic API, Content Model, Web Script
Repository Share Web Client