A script to install Alfresco Community 6.0

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A script to install Alfresco Community 6.0

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Alfresco 6.0 switching to container deployment is a good thing, but Docker has efficiency issues on Mac. What's wrong with a well configured stand-alone Alfresco Community 6.0? Nothing!

Download Three Files

The attached Bash script automates the installation of Alfresco Community 6.0. It looks for 3 downloaded files in the same folder of the script or a folder specified as the script's first parameter.

The above links are for Tomcat 8.5.37, ACS 6.0.7-ga, Search Services 1.3.0.

Run The Install Script

Create an empty folder into which a stand-alone Alfresco Community will be installed. Be sure to set the environment variable JAVA_HOME. Then run the installation script, assuming everything else is in the parent folder:

mkdir 6.0.7-ga
cd 6.0.7-ga

The script will install all three archives, create or modify configuration files and startup scripts, download MySQL JDBC driver and the missing PDF renderer for Mac, start Solr6. It also applies the Share module for alfresco.war, which will ask you to press a few keys in between.

Create Your MySQL Schema

The script creates file tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco-global.properties with these MySQL database settings:

  • Schema name:  alf607ce
  • User name:  alfresco
  • Password:  alfresco

Here are the MySQL commands to create the schema:

$ mysql -u root
create schema alf607ce default character set utf8;
grant all on alf607ce.* to 'alfresco'@'localhost' identified by 'alfresco' with grant option;

Start and Stop Alfresco

./alfresco.sh start
./alfresco.sh jpda start # Start with debug
./alfresco.sh stop

Start and Stop Solr 6

The install script already starts Solr 6 for you. Subsequent start and stop commands are:

search-services/solr/bin/solr start
search-services/solr/bin/solr stop

Other Versions of Alfresco

This install script also works for 6.1.1. There is a bug in 6.1.2-ga that prevents alfresco.war from fully deployed and run in Tomcat. Just don't use it.