Access the Repository Browser from Alfresco Share

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Access the Repository Browser from Alfresco Share

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One of the new features included in Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.2r (released 16th February 2010) is the ability for Alfresco Share to browse the Alfresco Repository (repo). I have run a number of webinars recently and have demonstrated this new feature. This has resulted in a couple of questions about how to enable this feature (by default it is switched off). So I thought I would write a note to guide you through the configuration process.

To enable your users to browse the repo using Share you need to edit the following XML configuration file:


(Note: My install of Alfresco on Windows and is under c:\Alfresco directory)

Look for the section ‘Repository Library config Section’ and change the <visible>false</visible> to true (see image below). After this you will need to restart the Alfresco server.

[caption id='attachment_29' align='aligncenter' width='500' caption='XML Configuration File']XML Configuration File[/caption]

Now login to Alfresco Share and you should have a new 'Repository' button in the top navigation bar (see image below).

[caption id='attachment_31' align='aligncenter' width='500' caption='Navigation Bar ']Navigation Bar [/caption]

This new feature allows you to browse the general document library from within share. You have a number of ways to navigate and find content. These include:

  • Repository – Traditional folder hierarchy view

  • Categories – Browse using the assigned category hierarchy

  • Tags – Select content based on the tags assigned

  • I’m Editing – Quickly find documents that you are in the process of modifying

  • My Favourites – Quickly find documents that you have flagged as important to you

(see image below)

[caption id='attachment_33' align='aligncenter' width='500' caption='Document Library Browser View  ']Document Library Browser View  [/caption]