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Addon FAQs

Alfresco Employee
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How do I submit an addon?


Just create a document with all the info and post in Alfresco Addons.

Use the following table with any Addon submitted: 




License Type  
Project Page  
Download Page  
Component Type  
Extension Points  


Be sure to add Categories to your document, so everyone knows which versions of Alfresco it supports. 


Are Addons maintained by Alfresco?


Addons are maintained by their creator and are not maintained or verified by Alfresco. 


What if I have a question about an Addon?


You can make a comment on any of the Addons listed on this site. If the creator is a member of the community, they'll get a notification. If they aren't (they'll have an email listed as owner, rather than name), you'll need to contact them directly. 


What if an addon doesn't work?


If you run across something broken, add a comment to the document or make a note in the document itself. 


Where are the addons? 

There list of addons is available here.