Aikau 1.0.84 - Forms Runtime Service with Tasks Page

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Aikau 1.0.84 - Forms Runtime Service with Tasks Page

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In my last post I described some work I'd done to provide a service within Aikau to support the XML based forms runtime in Share. In this post I attached a video demonstrating a page where the service could be tested by requesting a form from Share and seeing it mapped into a Aikau widgets.

Whilst fine in principal it doesn't actually provide much "real-world" use. Therefore I wanted to plug the service into a page to test it out in a more user focused way. The lack of support for the forms runtime has (up until now) been a barrier for converting more of Share to be implemented with Aikau.

I've started to explore how easy it is to recreate existing Share pages using Aikau and an obvious candidate for testing out the FormsRuntimeService was the "My Tasks" page. This video showing this page in action to demonstrate how we can start to leverage this new service and port more of Share to Aikau.

The service is still a work in progress and (at the time of writing) is not yet ready for production use. I'll keep posting updates as it improves - but as this isn't my primary work activity at the moment, the development rate may not be rapid. However, any feedback you have on this effort would be gratefully received - even if it's just to say that it's something that you'd be interested in using when it's ready!

Update 5th Sept 2016 :

I've created another video, this time using Data Lists: